About Us



Core Fitness screens all new clients prior to their first workout. This ensures that each training session is customized to the individual's abilities and disabilities.  We cater to all levels Fitness Levels from first novice to athlete 

Why do we need a personal trainer?


  • Motivation

  • New ideas/perspectives on exercise and nutrition

  • Sports specific drills

  • Maximize workouts in minimum time

  • Personalize each workout to the individual

  • Help the client reach their goals 

  • Provide proper form and technique to prevent injury and ensure results

Core Fitness is more than a personal training and massage therapy center. We are not just another fitness facility hoping to pray on the hopes and dreams of the struggling weight-gainer. Unlike other facilities, we actually want to help you succeed. We want you to turn your health and fitness dreams into goals. Achievable ones. And once you've accomplished those goals, we hope to help you strive beyond what you thought were your own limits. We want to help build a better you!


Check out the different programs we offer:


Sometimes things are better in pairs! The trainers at Core Fitness also offer partner personal training. Enjoy a customized workout with your significant other, friend, or family member! Doing things together can help you both stay on track.

In addition to partner training, Core Fitness offers small group classes.


Classes include, but are not limited to:


  • Boot Camp

  • TRX

  • Yoga

  • And More!